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Manchester Interior Decoration Ltd (M.I.D) is located in Manchester, UK. Officially accredited inspection by RISA, Membership of F.M.B (Federation of Master Builders), Quality builder that consumers can trust. We provide UK building renovation and refurbishment services, including bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, flooring fittings, plastering, paint finishing and more. Our Team has more than 3 years of experience in UK and more than 10 years of renovations experiences back in Hong Kong. In the past three and a half years, we have helped more than 100 families complete their UK property renovations.




This is not the same as if you give the project to different contractors.  We will contract the project of the entire property and provide good project follow-up and management, which saves time and will not make mistakes.



Unlike a one-man band company, our company has more than 10 renovation workers, each worker has his own professional skills, such as carpentry, painter, plasterer, bricklayer, plumber, etc. This is safer than one-man band doing multiple projects and makeing mistakes due to insufficient skills.



Compared with some small renovation companies, we need to charge VAT, which is a competitive disadvantage.  The reason we charge VAT is because our business turnover reaches £500k within a year, which just means we have a good company reputation and source of customers. Rather than accepting cash and causing disputes, we choose to follow the rules and protect customers' money and all guarantees on the project.



We are officially accredited inspection by RISA, Membership of F.M.B (Federation of Master Builders). Our workes joined the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, we have licensed eletricians who can perform legal repairs and installs. We are quality builder that consumers can trust.


Our team and partners have professional skills, knowledge and certifications to provide professional, reliable and diversified services.

Local registered electrician

We have local registered electricians legally handle all kinds of electrical projects

registered gas engineer

Our gas engineer can install, repair and maintain central heating system and any kind of gas works.

Interior designer & Architect

We have our own interior designers & architect partners to provide design and structural safety advice.

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